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THE wisDOME Orange W


You’re looking at THE wisDOME W Orange trucker, our signature “W”. It has taken years for us to find a W that we could call our own. After testing just about every font on the planet, we decided to simply use the W that’s on the trunk of our logo. Yep! If you look closely, the elephant has a hat on and its trunk is in the shape of a W to represent words of wisDOME (of course).

Note that the hat is orange, wisDOME Orange to be exact. A color that represents a few things we value here: enthusiasm, and positive energy among others. All words that we want you to feel when you wear it.

Fun fact: trucker hats were originally created as a promo item for farming companies and the drivers would receive them for FREE. Even though, this one isn’t free you can still wear this hat with confidence knowing that you are a part of the words of wisDOME family.

Inspired by: Life, the words of wisDOME brand and a guy on Clubhouse

Out of stock

THE wisDOME Orange W trucker polyester trucker hat

Snapback closure

Custom embroidery

Exclusive words of wisDOME lapel pin


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