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Promoting positive mindsets that can lead to positive actions

words of wisDOME is a headwear and lifestyle company.

Whether it’s a speech as monumental as MLK Jr.’s in Washington D.C. on August 28th or something your grandmother said at dinner. We all have words, affirmations, and quotes that we live by. Words we use as motivation or as a reminder whenever we lack the energy to move forward.

words of wisDOME (wofW) was created as a tool for self-expression. We were able to link fashion with affirmations and words that motivate us daily. Think about it. What better way to express how you feel, than having it stitched across your forehead? Our mission is to promote positive mindsets that can lead to positive actions. The hats feature a variety of topics from trust to self confidence. Each piece is designed to inspire and evoke creativity; serving as conversation pieces.

Continuously promoting positivity and personal growth through headwear is our niche. The possibility of positively impacting someone’s life motivates the people at wofW to work every day, even a gesture as simple as a smile would suffice.

Wisdom is the quality of having a combination of experience, knowledge and good judgment. And words are… well…important for communication. wisDOME, however is a word that connects both wisdom and dome. Since we are a headwear and lifestyle company, the name is fitting because dome is colloquial for head and that’s where hats are usually placed.


                                       THE END

Trust yourself as well as others.


When you first look at the logo, you see an elephant wearing a hat with the letter W as its trunk. In this case, the W represents words of wisDOME, specifically wisdom, the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment. As a member of the Proboscidea family, elephants have experienced many years of life, making them one of the wisest animals ever. Their trunk functions as a warning device, a greeting, giving them the ability to drink water and bathe. The hat is placed on the dome aka the head of the elephant where our mind and positive thoughts reside. And boom, there you have it...wisDOME. words of wisDOME (wofW) is headwear and lifestyle company ran by people just like you. Our mission is to promote positive mindsets that lead to positive actions.


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