What’s The Word: The Podcast

A Words of Wisdome idea. What’s the Word: The Podcast, where young creators come together to discuss life and other important words. The purporse of What’s The Word: The Podcast is to inspire healthy dialogue, have more real conversations, share our experiences and bridge the gaps that often divide us because we have something to say. By reflecting upon experiences we’ve had that ultimately shape how we think, we’ll begin to notice that the only thing that makes people different is their mindset.


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Introduction to words of wisDOME

Introduction. Hellllllllo! We fully understand the importance of words. We also understand the importance of introductions. Think of the time when you were first introduced to your best friend, favorite restaurant, or new artist (pause to reflect). Now think of us (Words Of Wisdome) because this is that moment. You are reading the Words of Wisdome blog. This is your place for inspiration, dope content, positive news and all things Words of Wisdome (WofW). Feel free to comment, send ideas, and engage with other Wisdomers. Life and the people in it inspired us to create this company. And this blog was created with you, so essentially, it’s ours. Welcome!